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High School

Do something different with your summer! Embark on a life changing experience in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, which will leave you wishing you never had to leave. Spend a few weeks of your summer visiting the best beaches in Europe, immersing yourself in the unique culture of Mallorca, kayaking along the Sierra de Tramuntana and working on your Spanish in a fun, dynamic way. After a few hours of energetic Spanish classes in the morning with enjoyable and engaging teachers, we'll share what we know about Mallorcan culture and then allow you to see it for yourself in the afternoon. Our wide range of activities will allow you to experience the best that Mallorca has to offer. In addition to these amazing activities, you will also spend a weekend in the historic and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona and enjoy an unforgettable end of course party.

The Taplingo program

Students will be able to experience the best Mallorca has to offer with our wide range of activities. Each afternoon after classes students will enjoy different activities that allow them to practice their Spanish while having a blast and taking advantage of this Mediterranean paradise. In addition to these activities, Taplingo’s program also includes an extra hour of “cultural activities”. The cultural activities will broaden the students’ knowledge of Spanish history, food, dance, and cinema and introduce them to some of Mallorca’s most famous landmarks. Activities include:

  • Kayaking
  • Beach volleyball
  • City treasure hunt
  • Cathedral visit
  • Paddle surf
  • Spanish guitar show
  • Flamenco show and lesson
  • Beach Olympics
  • Bellver castle visit
  • Art museums
  • Cooking classes
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Weekend trip to Barcelona
  • Water obstacle course
  • Train ride through World Heritage mountain range “Sierra de Tramuntana”

Below is an example of a typical daily schedule as well a weekend plan. Students will have class from 9:30-12:30 (with a snack and bathroom break) directly followed by a cultural activity with their teachers and guardian angels. After lunch, which will be near the academy or following activity, students will be accompanied to their activities.

Weekly example schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:30-9:00 Breakfast
9:30-12:30 Spanish lessons
12:30-13:30 Cultural activity Spanish art classics Trip to Mercado de Santa Catalina Spanish guitar Presentation: typical foods from Mallorca Lunch (mallorquin tapas) Spanish cinema finish (Mar adentro)
13:30-15:00 Lunch near academy Lunch in Market Sandwiches/ Picnic during Bike ride to Ciudad Jardin Beach Lunch in Hotel
15:30 Group trip to Castillo de Bellver Beach volleyball at Palma beach Illetes/Comtesa Hotel pool party
18:00 Return to hotel/shower Return to hotel/shower Return to hotel/shower Return to hotel/shower
19:00-20:30 Dinner in hotel Return to hotel/shower Dinner in hotel Treasure hunt in Palma Pirates show/ Dinner
20:30-23:30 Study/free time Picnic/Cine a la fresca study/free time Dinner in Hotel
24:00 Bed
Weekend example schedule:
Weekend - Mallorca Saturday Sunday
9:00 Take train to Sóller Leave Palma for Formentor
10:30 Begin hike/do SUP paddle Visit Formentor
Drive to Can Picafort
13:30-15:00 Lunch in Port de Sóller Lunch in Can Picafort
18:00 Train back to Palma Water obstacle course/beach
19:30 Dinner in hotel Bus back to Palma/dinner in hotel
21:00 Cine a la fresca/paseo around palma Free time

Hotel Stay:

Taplingo offers hotel accommodation for all students included in the price of the program. The hotel is close to the school and has both double and triple rooms available. Monitors sleep in individual rooms on the same floor as students to ensure around the clock supervision. Included in the hotel stay are 2 meals daily and wifi, air conditioning, and a balcony with sea views in each room. The hotel is equipped with 2 restaurants, an outdoor pool and relax area, room cleaning and towel service and is within walking distance to all buses to the center and the largest mall in Palma.


Students who choose the homestay option will have full accommodation and half board. The homestays are all located within walking distance from the school and students will be given typical Spanish cuisine for breakfast and dinner, as lunch is either the student’s choice or included in some of our activities. Any severe food allergies should be explained in the application so we are able to accommodate for them. 

Students will be placed into class levels after taking a grammar, listening and reading test online, followed by an oral exam during orientation. Basic level (A1) does not require a level test.

A1: Basic Spanish

For total beginners, after completing this class, students should be able to identify himself/herself and others (origin, physical and personality features, age, etc.) with extensive practice of “ser” and “estar”, express emotions, state of mind and possession and talk about daily routines and activities using regular and irregular -ar, -er, and -ir ending verbs. Students will learn how to communicate their likes and dislikes, talk about hobbies and past experiences, and increase their vocabulary related to daily life (market, shopping, weather, and clothing).

A2: Pre-Intermediate Spanish

Pre-intermediate Spanish will aim to improve students’ abilities and understanding of the differences between past tenses (preterit and imperfect), the use of “por” and “para”, and formal and informal commands. Additionally, students will be introduced to the present perfect simple and past perfect. The class emphasizes pronunciation, reading and lots of vocabulary. Throughout this class, students will be expected to work on more advanced grammar and, by the end of the summer, be able to read, write and converse adequately in Spanish.

B1: Intermediate Spanish

Intermediate students will have already learned a base in vocabulary and the past and present tenses. In this class, students will learn the present subjunctive and its noun clauses. Students will learn how and when to use the subjunctive mood in adverb, adjective and noun clauses They will also learn more irregular verbs and the future tense, as well as commands, prepositions and how to express opinions and ideas. The grammar learned in this class will create a solid base to speaking comfortably and without hesitation. This class will also reinforce formal and informal writing and use of Spanish.

B2: Upper Intermediate Spanish

This class focuses on improving vocabulary through complex topics, and reviewing tenses and moods such as conditionals and past/present subjunctive. Use of direct and indirect speech will be present throughout this class as will an emphasis on writing with complex sentence structure. Speaking in this class will be more colloquial and fluent, and students will learn more typical phrases and idioms. Reading comprehension and listening will be used more often and students will learn to discuss topics with a wider range of vocabulary.

C1: Advanced Spanish

Students in this level should have a prior understanding of past subjunctive, conditional tense and relative pronouns for this class. Additional exercises include reading, writing and conversation to develop a complete understanding of the proper use of all grammar forms. This class prepares students to focus on accuracy, fluency and use of grammar structures in context. There is a special focus on complex sentences with emphasis on grammar skills such as coherence, transitions, and control of tense shifts. This class helps students identify their own errors and weaknesses, develop strategies to correct them in order to increase accuracy and fluency. 

In Taplingo we are a group of highly qualified and dynamic teachers that will work to make your Spanish experience fun and interesting. We hope that our enthusiasm for Spanish and language learning will be contagious and we know you'll enjoy learning with us. We use a practical and communicative teaching method based on immersion, which means that from the first moment you step inside our classes or go to any activity we'll be speaking to you in Spanish. The classes will be a combination of grammar and vocabulary with speaking activities incorporated that are designed to be fun and interesting. If there’s something you don’t understand, we’ll help you through gestures and example and speaking English is the last option.Our methodology is flexible and adaptable to any need that the student can have.

During the course you will receive all the academic materials that you'll need and a detailed syllabus of what each course entails. Our books are composed of different units that will make learning a breeze. As you advance through the book you'll notice your vocabulary and understanding increasing without feeling overwhelmed. We want it to be easy and fun for you to achieve a good understanding and knowledge of Spanish. You will be given an official transcript at the end of the course detailing what you have done.

-Full Spanish immersion in classes

-Real life situations and role play (not only grammar)

-Highly qualified native teachers

-Innovative and interactive teaching methods

-Specific conversation classes and activities to facilitate your communication in Spanish in the quickest way possible

-Natural settings where you will learn colloquial language

-Small groups to enhance one-on-one attention


Taplingo only employs the most dynamic and experienced native Spanish professors who are dedicated to your advancement in Spanish. All teachers are fully qualified and have experience working with this age group.


Taplingo’s “guardian angels” (monitors) are student assistants that will lead groups of students to their various activities and monitor free time. Guardian angels are young, fun and experienced Spanish natives that are meant not only to care for and watch students, but also to practice the language with them and teach them about the culture. Guardian angels will also be in the hotels with the students to monitor them, and are bilingual should the students have any problems communicating.

This program has no specific GPA eligibility, but you must be a full-time, registered high school student, or have graduated from high school within the year you are applying for.

Worried about adjusting? Don’t be. Upon your arrival there will be an orientation with staff that will help you get acclimated and feel comfortable in your surroundings. We will first show you around the city and cover the basics of public transportation. In the tour you will be not only be familiarized with the most central parts of the city, but also be given information on all activities, banking, health centers, and postal services. Our interactive orientation will help you to get to know the directors, guardian angels (monitors), teachers and other students.

 Free Wireless Internet will be available in all housing options as well as in the school.

Students are graded on a 0-100 grading scale. In class participation as well as attendance in the mandatory excursions are included in this scale, as well as homework, group assignments, quizzes and exams.


A $200 (non-refundable) registration fee is required upon booking. ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED, therefore the full payment will be required a maximum of 60 days prior to the start date of your selected program.

CANCELLATION in days prior to the start date of the program:

75% refund 30 days prior

50% refund 15 days prior


We guarantee the high level and experience of our teachers. All are native, certified and prepared to give you the most complete learning experience possible. Classes will only be taught in Spanish and will be treated as a full immersion experience, including learning colloquial speech and phrases.


The guaranteed class size is of no more than 8 students. All classes will include cultural activities to allow you to practise speaking naturally and in real-life situations. You will also be awarded a completion certificate and an official transcript of your grades.


Upon your arrival there will be an orientation with staff that will help you get acclimated and feel comfortable in your surroundings. We will first show you around the city and cover the basics of public transportation. In the tour you will not only be familiarized with the most central parts of the city, but also be given information on all activities, banking, health centers, and postal services. Our interactive orientation will help you to get to know the directors, guardian angels, monitors, teachers and other students.


24 hour emergency number as well as a guidance counsellor should you have any difficulty adjusting to the new culture and living situation. 24-hour monintors supplied with hotel stay.


Whether you stay with a family or in a hotel all of the essentials will be covered. Towels, a fully equipped kitchen, WIFI, TV, bed linen and electricity are in each living situation. Each hotel or homestay is also located in the centre close to the academy. Any issues with the housing situations will be addressed immediately and all actions necessary will be taken to assure your comfort.


La Rambla nº8 1ºA,
07003, Palma de Mallorca


+34 971 725 671

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Why Spanish?


Achieve a level that allows you to communicate with international businesses and broaden your job opportunities.

Be able to visit and communicate in 21 countries.

Learn and experience new cultures and customs.

Why in Mallorca?


Discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as unique cultural experiences; take advantage of the water sports and hiking to see the natural beauty of the island.

Experience Spanish learning surrounded by native speakers and join in on their day to day activities.

Learn in small classes that will allow you to have maximum student to teacher attention.

Don´t forget to visit...

Unspoilt beaches

Unspoilt beaches

There are plenty of hikes around the island for beginners and experts that lead to some of the most outstanding beaches in Mallorca. Hikes between 30 minutes and 2 hours can lead you to empty beaches with beautiful views just for you. The natural park Llevant for example will walk you through the mountains in the north and has plenty of small paths allowing you to see deserted coves and beaches.

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